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UT has lost two in a row. I has a sad.

In other, less depressing news:
  --the steroids I took to fix my ridiculous eczema worked, and I didn't go crazy! The crazy was a real possibility because steroids and bipolar generally don't mix. And now I'm a lot less leper-y!
  --my online psych class is easy and I'm not stressed about it at all. Which is good.
  --A&P is good, too. Mrs. V is a great teacher. It's frustrating that we spend a lot of class time going over and over concepts because a few people don't get them, but that's due to them, I think. We have our first lecture exam on Wednesday, which I'm a little concerned over, but I'm not going to freak out completely.

Time to watch the rerun of Justin Timberlake on SNL (seriously, one of the most hilarious episodes I've ever seen). Maybe that will make me feel a little better and soothe the ache of a poorly played game (our quarterback, Case, was GREAT -- unlike Ash, who is our first-string who dumbly ran into a defender last week and gave himself a concussion. It was our frickin' defense that just sucked AGAIN).