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UT 56  New Mexico State 7

We won. Our QB was amazing. I haven't been able to watch the game yet, but I followed it on my phone...

...because we were in the ER again. This time, it wasn't about me, but Sis had some kind of crazy stomach pain and was throwing up blood (the coffee grounds-looking kind, not bright red, thank God).

I'm so thrilled football is back. Seriously. Something GOOD that's happened this week, OMG.

My first psych class scared me. The woman is an organizational and workplace psychologist. Basically, she helps management people, sets up training, and does those team-building retreat things. I'm sorry, but if I'm going to learn about psych, I want someone who does patient care. Also, she basically said that she was just going to gloss over the whole history of psych -- not even getting into a few of the main early psychologists like Freud, Jung, Wundt, etc. That means it's really useless.

For some ridiculous reason, the college won't let you add a class once the class has started. I know when I went to both UT and Austin Community College, the add/drop period extended into at least the first week of class. Sometimes you just need to switch classes. The dick at registration said it was absolutely impossible for me to switch from the lecture section to the online one. So I went around him. I called up the psychology department dean and asked if it would be possible to get switched. She said okay and I'm now taking the online psych class.

This is also good, since my skin has decided to freak the fuck out all of the sudden. I had a rash that started a couple of weeks ago. It was bumpy, and itchy, and ALL OVER. I saw Dr. Hall. He thought it might be a psoriasis flare and prescribed a cream that would help calm down my skin. This cream only made everything worse. There's a giant red, angry patch on my left shin. I was doing okay until after my first class day Monday. I came home with my leg hurting, so I looked at it. It was oozing, bleeding, and puffy. So Sis had to take me to the ER. The doc said he thought it might be eczema instead of psoriasis, but agreed that I might have an infection. So I've been on heavy-duty antibiotics. He also said I should take a short course of steroids. I can't, however, because steroids make me crazy. Literally, I completely destabilize and decompensate. It's like I'm not on any of my psych meds at all. Before my nose surgery several years ago now, I tried flonase. After only a few days, I was a mess mood-wise. Which is why I had them cut on my face. I'd rather have surgery than take steroids. This means that, while the oozing grossness on my leg is better, the rest of me is still covered in tiny, angry, red bumps that itch like a motherfucker. Aveeno oatmeal baths aren't helping. I can't cover myself in cortisone (same reason -- too much steroid makes Emily very crazy) to help the itching, either. So I'm stuck taking a bunch of benadryl all of the time. MISERABLE. Also, a bunch of bumps appeared on my hands that have now cracked. I seriously feel like I look like a leper right now. Nothing I can do about it, though, unless I decide to gamble and start that steroid dose pack on a Wednesday night and hope that it'll do its thing before I have to get back to school the next Monday. But that's the last resort. I'm getting there, though, because this shit is only barely tolerable.

But, since I'm now in the online class, I have a little big more flexibility, and I can sleep when I need to, for the most part. My A&P II class is going to be good, I think. The teacher is really cool. She's going to try to get us at least a tour of MD Anderson (the cancer treatment center here in Houston, where Beau Biden was just a few days ago), and maybe to observe a surgery. This is what's awesome about living where the world's largest medical center is. So I'm only needing to be on campus four hours in the late afternoon/evening Mon/Weds. It's also a really tiny class - I think she counted a total of 14 people - which makes it nice, too. My Tues/Thurs class last semester had 30ish.

I'm going to try to rest now, since I have to play catch-up with my psych class tomorrow.

I hope y'all have a great Labor Day weekend. :D