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Prep work

Exactly one week until school starts. I'm signed up for Intro to Psych (which should be easy) and for Anatomy & Physiology II, which I know will be difficult and time intensive.

Psych is going to be taught by an as-yet-unknown adjunct prof, so it's a toss up as to whether I'll get someone good to teach or not. Rate My Professor.com says that the woman I've chosen to teach A&P II is amazing. All of the comments were that, while the subject matter is difficult, she makes it interesting and is super-invested in having her students learn. A bunch said that you can talk to her about anything and she's incredibly hands-on, which is great when in lab.

So I'm cautiously optimistic about this coming semester.

Also, there's a bonus: I don't have to buy another book and lab manual for A&P II, since it uses the same book from A&P I. That's a saving of $400. I rented my psych book from the campus bookstore for half of what it'd cost to buy it, and because it was at the campus bookstore, I was able to just swipe my ID and it got debited from my financial aid. Technology is awesome.

My main task now is to clean my room. It's become a horrific trash heap. Basically, I didn't clean from spring break on. I intended to clean once I finished with spring, but I've been having massive body pain issues most of the summer. So it's now down to the wire and I just have to bite the bullet. There's no way I'll do well if I don't have space near my bed to put my things. (Though, technically, EVERYTHING is near my bed because there's only about 5 feet between my bed and the wall. I have a teeny room.)

Finally, a complaint: Target is crap for women who wear more than a large. There was only one semi-cute top. I tried it on. The fabric was almost see-through. It was also really clingy, which is not something you want when you have a couple of stomach rolls. Finally, it was awkwardly made, so where you expected the gather to be actually ended up being way up on the shoulder where it was just annoying. Back to Wal-Mart I go, it seems. Which frustrates me, but it is what it is. *sigh*